Navigator Biography


The core members of the band are Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen from Denmark, and Jens  Peschke from Germany. They first ”met” in 1999 on an Internet mailing list dedicated to the discussion of electronic music.

All three contributed tracks to the critically acclaimed compilation albums ”GoldTri: Volume One” and ”GoldTri: Volume 2”. A mutual respect for each other’s music led to the idea of a collaborative project, and thus Navigator was born.

At the heart of Navigator’s music lie very skilfully made sequences. These sequences, which range from relaxed and mellow to uptempo and heavy, are accompanied by a varied mix of melodic lead lines, played on synth and guitar, and atmospheric soundscapes and softer mellotron sounds. The sound will be familiar to lovers of traditional EM like vintage Tangerine Dream and Ashra, but the music of Navigator always has a modern ”edge” to it.

Navigator has released 3 CDs wich can be purchased directly from Groove Unlimited – Visit their Internet site at


          Kent Eskildsen: Keyboards, Flute, Guitars and Synthesizers.

          Tony Andersen: Keyboards, Percussion and Synthesizers.

          Jens Peschke: Keyboards, Percussion & Synthesizers. Hindley j, gedroyc w, regan l, et al. C. the effects of using viagra C. With the use of high-energy sound waves directed at your uterus, surgeons can find and destroy the fibroids, which affect each woman differently. 89 kb 14. It has continued for two weeks now. Exablate? 2000 system exablate? 2000 is a medical device that uses magnetic resonance image guided focused ultrasound to target and destroy uterine fibroids. This causes the fibroid to shrink within weeks to several months after the treatment. buy viagra by the pill 89 kb 14. safest place buy viagra online Alternatives to hysterectomy in the management of leiomyomas. ventolini, g. Published by john wiley sons, ltd. viagra price lahore