Nanovision Studio

The Nanovision studio is a well located studio in Herning – Denmark. The studio have produced a lot of bands, commercials, music & events for the last decade the studio has been up and running.

 With a wide range of  ”state of the art” equipment, the studio is ready to solve all productions with day to day delivery. Some of the gear being used in the studio is listed bellow:

 -         Mac running “logic pro 7.0”

-         Wide range of TC Electronics FX machines

-         Event 2020 active monitors

-         Wide range of synthesizers (Yamaha-Access-Korg-Roland-Novation – Moog – Arp etc.)

-         AKG & CE Electronics microphones.

-         Room acoustic regulation, for perfect broadcast recordings (speak & talked)

 In the studio a lot of music has been composed for commercials, Cd´s, film music, jingles, sound effects etc. As composer Tony Andersen which owns the studio, also collaborate with other musicians to cover all the music styles from Jazz to techno, from ambient to lounge etc.

Download folder:  Nanovision_Studio.pdf