Atlantis Live at Sysseltinget in Hjørring

Søren Foged, Finn Christiansen, Flemming Kragh Pedersen and Kent Eskildsen

The Danish prog rockband Atlantis was formed by Kent Eskildsen and his cousin Flemming K. Pedersen in August 1982. Flemming K. Pedersen played the keyboards and did the lead vocals and Kent Eskildsen played the guitar and did additional vocals.

FKP and KE was the core of the band from beginning to end 10 years later and was joined by different musicians on bass and drums through the years. They also composed almost all The material for the band and the inspiration came clearly from bands like Saga, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Camel, Jethro Tull but also electronic music like Tangerine Dream and the more heavier stuff like Bachman Turner Overdrive and Dream Theatre.

Throught the 10 most active years Atlantis was a happy family with a lot of composing, rehearsal and concerts round the country and actually a lot of hard work was put into the band. The band never really seased and are currently in the proces of recording some of the old tracks as well as a few new ones, so stay tuned...