BookletPOT_front_300pxThis is an ambient piece following the same path as Daughters of Jupiter. Dark Soundscapes drifting in time with an occasional piano  - rather "Eno-esque".
This time and space exploration has been used as pre-concert music at Timescape concerts.

Recorded at Klagshøj studio and the Nanovision studio between april and november 2009

Tony Andersen: Keyboards, sounds and piano

Kent Eskildsen: Keyboards, sounds and piano

Cover design: Eric Svinth



01 - First Passage 14:09

02 - Second Passage 1:19

03 - Third Passage 15:32

04 – Fourth Passage 2:38

05 – Fifth Passage 13:38

06 – Sixth Passage 1:11

07 – Seventh Passage 15:55

Total: 64:23

We stand now at the turning point between two eras. Behind us is a past to which we can never return ... The coming of the rocket brought to an end a million years of isolation ... the childhood of our race was over and history as we know it began.

Exploration of Space (1952)

It may be that the old astrologers had the truth exactly reversed, when they believed that the stars controlled the destinies of men. The time may come when men control the destinies of stars.

First on the Moon (1970)

Arthur C. Clarke