A Timescape Tribute to Jean Michel Jarre

Recorded Live at Fermaten, Herning, 8th May 2009.

The Jarrelogic concert was a very special event organized as a warmup concert to Jean Michel Jarre’s show in Herning the following day. Appropriate lights and lasers were acquired and even a small laser harp was constructed for the occasion – the laser beams, however, were quite hard to spot in the smoke on stage...but it worked!

Timescape met with Jarre after his show at the Herning Congres Center for a chat about both concerts. Jarre said he was honoured that Timescape had put up a tribute show and that he would have loved to have been in the audience.

 It is not the first time that Timescape has played and recorded music by Jean Michel Jarre: In 1998, the band organized a Tribute CD called Jarrelogic on the Hypnotic / Purple Pyramid label.

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Sound Engineer: Lars Boe

Sound Recording: Frederik H

Lights: Lars Jacob Pedersen & Jesper Levin

Lasers: Pro Sound & Light / Lars Lundorff

Concert Photos: Flemming K. Pedersen, Marianne Rugholt & Alice Sørensen

Video Recordings: Lars Jacob

Projection Design: Kent Eskildsen

Poster Design: Eric Bøgh Svinth

Cover Design: Eric Bøgh Svinth

Front Cover: “Before We Go” (2007) incense myrrh and gold installation by Davide Grazioli, Courtesy the artist, all rights reserved http://www.davidegrazioli.com  - This CD has a very exclusive coverphoto by the well know Italian artist DAVIDE GRAZIOLI, who kindly made his work aviable to TImescape


Mixed by Kent Eskildsen at the Klangshøj Studio - August 2009

Mastered by Tony Andersen at the Nanovision Studio - September 2009


Tony Andersen: Keyboards & Laser Harp

Kent Eskildsen: Keyboards & Guitars

Tina S Johansen: Vocals & Keyboards

 Special Guest: Rune Eskildsen on Drums & Percussion


01 Apollo Revisited                              3:38

02 Magnetic Fields – Part 1                7:48

03 Oxygene – Part 4                             5:15

04 Second Rendez-vous                     9:07

05 Equinox – Part 7                              6:24

06 Equinox – Part 5                              4:49

07 Arpegiator                                         4:21

08 Oxygene – Part 4  (Encore)           5:19

Total: 46:43

All music composed by Jean Michel Jarre –  except # 01 composed by Timescape.

Shit happens...

Well, even though we are through our CD texts milions of times before printing errors do ocour! In this case we all missed the point that it is a live release and this should have been stated clearly in the cover - which it did´t...

So we decided to do a complete remake of the cover...here you can see the first version - also made by Eric Svinth

Btw. we have alreadyJL_front300px released music on an album the title Jarrelogic - a JMJ tribute on Hypnotic Records, so of course this one should have been "live"...this will not happen again...promixe... ;-)

Anyway, if you are lucky, you will be able to find the old cover out there somewhere on a CD and even in some of the download stores, so beware - it might be very valuable some day...