"Very few people have actually had the privilege to visit space, but a lot of us have wondered how it would be – maybe like this?" Kent Eskildsen 2005

Composed and produced by Kent Eskildsen between jan-aug 2005 in Klangshøj Studio

Mastered by Tony Andersen & Kent Eskildsen at Nanovision Studio, December 2005

Artwork and Cover design by Alice Sørensen

This music was originally intended as and has been used as an ambient intro to concerts by Timescape.

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   01) Timeless Moment (Europa).......21:10

   02) Liquid Light (Ganymede).........16:20

   03) Static Movement (Callisto)....... .5:48

   04) Shadow of Darkness (Io).........18:14

   Total running time: 61:31