Timescape has played several concerts at very unusual places throughout the years. They have always wanted to make it special events rather than just concerts with the goal of giving the audience a visual experience as well.

To name a few spectacular concerts; Timescape performing at the buildingsite for at new museum - speakers hanging outside in the streets. A performance with The Schaufuss Ballet dancing their interpretations of the music and two artists painting a visual impression. A concert with The Classical Ensemble MidtVest in the glow of candle lights at a scary Halloween party. A concert in an old cinema with movies on the screen made for the occasion. A concert between the planes in an airplane hangar while a balloon was rising to the sky outside.

This concert recorded live at Fermaten 8th of May 2009 in Herning, Denmark, is no exception. Though Fermaten is one of the best concert venues in Denmark Timescape wanted it to be a special show and  vintage Lasers, Lights, smoke machines, video, graphics and a great sound system was put to work.

It is always difficult to capture a live concert on disc, but this night at Fermaten it worked out really well and Timescape decided to release this CD containing some great live version of old pieces as well as a few new ones.

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 Sound Engineer: Lars Boe

Sound Recording: Frederik H

Lights: Lars Jacob Pedersen, Jesper Levin

Lasers: Pro Sound & Light / Lars Lundorff

Concert photo: Flemming K. Pedersen, Marianne Rugholt & Alice Sørensen

Video recording: Lars Jacob Pedersen

Projection designed by Kent Eskildsen

Poster design: Eric Bøgh Svinth

Cover design: Alice Sørensen


Mixed by Kent Eskildsen at Klangshøj Studio - september 2009

Mastered by Tony Andersen at Nanovision Studio - october 2009


Tony Andersen: Keyboards

Kent Eskildsen: Keyboards & Guitar

Tina S Johansen: Vocals and Keyboards


Special guest: Rune Eskildsen on drums & Percussion


01  Travelling Lights                                                  5:32

02  Out of Mind                                                            4:35

03  Time, they say…                                                  4:23

04  Shuttle Mission                                                     6:22

05  When Silence Reaches the Sky                        3:34

06  Airwaves                                                                4:56

07  Chinese Dream                                                   4:54

08  La Femme                                                             4:56

09  Sky is the Limit                                                     4:13

10  Peace                                                                     1:59

11  Ansigt til ansigt                                                     3:18

12  The Lab                                                                 6:45

13  Wisdom of the Mind                                            3:31

14  Artificial Nature                                                    7:20

15  The Message                                                        4:26

Total Playing time  70:50

 All music composed by Timescape – except # 06 & 10 (Tony Andersen, Jens Peschke & Kent Eskildsen)