Timescape Chronology


Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen first met at a Jean Michel Jarre concert in Berlin
Timescape was formed in the Spring – Bjarne Riis wins the Tour de France…
Compilations for Hypnotic Records
   1998 Navigator was formed     Read more
Soundtrack: Star Trash
Compilations for Hypnotic Records
   1999 Compilations for Hypnotic Records
   2000 CD - Navigator:  Northern  Concequence
Compilations for Hypnotic Records
   2001 Compilations for Hypnotic Records
   2002 CD - Navigator: Oceanic Empire
Concert:  Hjørring Museum of Arts, Denmark 28.09.2002
   2003 CD - Navigator: Airwaves
Concert:  Audio Visual Ambience. Live at The Blue Café-Lønstrup, Denmark.01.02.2003
Concert:  Kulturrellen in Herning, Denmark. 31.05.2003
Concert:  Arnborg Svæveflyvecenter – 25 years anniversary , Denmark 08.08.2003
Concert:  E-Live Festival in Eindhoven, Holland. 27.09.2003
   2004 Concert:  Fællesmarked, Markedespladsen Herning, Denmark 28.08.2004
   2005 CD - Daughters of Jupiter
   2006 Timescape teams up with singer Tina S. Johansen
2007 CD - Travelling Light
Concert:  Pakhuset, Art Exhibition centre, Sindal, Denmark  29.07.2007
Concert:  Fermaten, Herning, Denmark 01.11.2007
2008 CD – TNT
Concert:  The Schaufuss Ballet, Holstebro, Denmark 1-2.03.2008
Concert:  Hjørring Museum of Arts, Denmark 04.06.2008.
Concert:  Torvet, Herning, Denmark 24.07.2008
2009 CD - Global Gathering
Concert:  Fermaten, Herning, Denmark 08.05.2009
2010 Concert: Music for the big outdoor show celebrating Viborg 950 on 28.05.2010
CD - Timescape Live Released
CD - Jarrelogic Live Released
CD - Passage of Time released
2011 CD - Lost in a Moment
CD - Great Barrier Reef


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